About the Gifted Youth Group

the Gifted Youth Committee


The GYC exists to connect and support young Mensans across this huge country, and serve as community and a resource for young Mensans and their parents alike.


We have started some key initiatives, and hope to have several more underway, with the help of our fabulous volunteer force!

-Regional representatives. Regional reps act as the community connector: asking questions from local mensans about activities in their region or city, perhaps organizing or advertising meet-ups, activities, etc. and bringing local and regional questions and suggestions to the national Committee.

-Mensa youth webpage. Our new webpage for all things mensa+youth!

What next?

We are constantly trying to do better. Please tell us what you want to see, and what you want us to do. Please be specific! “On-line resource list” is ok, but “online class for my 4 year old to learn how to play the kazoo” is much better! Do you want career days for kids to consider their futures, chess clubs, informal chat groups—whatever it is please tell us!